Before the written word began humanity’s ongoing climb to becoming a type one civilization, our ancestors painted the wall of their homes with stories that we share with them thousands of years later. Over the millennia, humanity’s art has become more complex in its story telling, while often retaining incredible simplicity. With language helping to advance the world toward new technological horizons why chose visual public relations over traditional media, PR?

Odds are, at some point in the average American’s day, they will be exposed to a billboard or 60. The text of the billboard will likely be forgotten by the next exit or sip of coffee. The billboard’s supermodel or cold beer however, will be etched into the viewer’s brain, to be forgotten after a period of months rather than minutes. Humans have lazy brains. Lazy brains that love pictures. The picture superiority effect states plainly that concepts are much more likely to be retained when represented through pictures rather than words. Visual public relation offers the opportunity to have your brand attached to the minds of all who see it.

Do you remember having to learn 16th century Italian because the urge to see the works of Leonardo Da Vinci overcame you? No, images are translatable to the vast majority of human experience. One painting will contain puuvili, ffrwythau, frukt, frott, fruta and fruit. No language barrier exists between the retina and the stored database of human experience (brain).

The risk of traditional public relations is lack of control. After hours of writing and refining a story is handed over to the media. From this point it is gone. Once a professional has sent their work into the world the questions still remain, “Will my story be picked up? If it does, when will it run and for how long?” Icing the cake of uncertainty is the journalist or editor’s freewill to do with your story what they please.

Visual Public Relations becomes an installed part of a brand. The added style elevates awareness by adding a unique look that business owners control. If your PR professional gets jealous, they can always write a press release about your shiny new art instillation by Higherglyphics.