As a graduate of Mercyhurst Prep, I feel privileged to create for my alma mater by adding Higherglyphics proven success in Visual Public Relations to their image. I hope to change the face of my old stomping grounds in a way that will offer greater recognition to Mercyhurst Prep. This is simultaneously one of the largest and most personal projects that Higherglyphics has embarked upon.

The MPS students have shown incredible enthusiasm for the project. Over 250 submissions have come to the website’s email with more arriving every day. The students’ pictures, writings and videos will be the artistic foundation for the realization of Mercyhurst Prep’s 24 Pillars of Unparalleled Preparation for Life.

Enthusiasm for the MPS mural project could not have reached its current level without the help of our local media. Below is a list of links to coverage by these local outlets.

Thank you to all of these outlets for their interest and participation during the Mercyhurst Prep Mural press conference.